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The 10 Watt solar panel is ideal for trickle charging a battery ( not included ) or for providing

power to remote area with lightimg.

The 10W monocrystalline solar panel will provide power in bright sunshine and

low light conditions

Position your 10W solar panel and attach with these anodised aluminium solar panel mounts and start making free electricity from the sun.

The 10W solar panel has colour coded cables so connecting to the charge controller is straight forward and easy.

Connect the solar panel to a battery (battery not included) with the 10Amp battery connector cable with terminal markings.

It really is that easy.

Technical specifications,

10W Solar panel

Panel Size 354 mm(h) x 290 mm(w) x 20 mm(d)

Weight 1.5kg

Peak Power: 10w

Open Circuit Voltage: 21.6V

Short Circuit Current: 0.61A

Power efficiency: >17%

Max Power Voltage: 17.5V

Max System Current: 0.57A

Max System Voltage: 600VDC

Tolerance ± 3%

The solar panel comes with,

2000mm of cable (2 metres)

Anodised aluminium frame

10Amp charge controller

Control type : PWM

Rated load current : 10 Amp

System voltage : 12V / 24V D.C.

Float charge voltage : 13.6

Over discharge voltage : 11.1

Over discharge return voltage : 12.6

Over voltage protection : 17 V

Low voltage indicator : 12 V

Direct charge : 14.4 V

The charge controller is not waterproof.

10Amp battery cable

2 metre twin red and black cable for connecting a 10 Amp charge controller to a battery.

complete with pre fitted inline fuse holder and 10 Amp fuse with a pair of hi Amp crocodile clips

LED light

1 x 250mm light with 2M wire

1 x 5M extension wire

2 x light fitting clips and screws

Operating voltage 12 V DC

Power consumption 3.4W / 0.28A


Solar panel mounts

4 x black anodised mounting brackets

4 x M6 X 10mm stainless steel hex screws

4 x M6 stainless steel flange nuts

Fixing screws are not included for attaching the mounts to a surface

only for attaching the brackets to the solar panel.

10W solar panel lighting kit
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£74.98 ex VAT

£89.98 inc VAT
10w solar panel
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This is the 10W monocrystalline solar panel lighting kit from Ecoboris

With this kit you will be able to bring light to any remote place.

This kit will provide everything you need to make electricity and light. (Battery not included)

10W solar panel
LED light
10 Amp controller
Battery connection cable