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Inverters are used to transform 12V DC electricity from a battery to 230 - 240V AC.

The difference between PURE SINE WAVE and MODIFIED SINE WAVE is the “cleanness” of the AC electricity.

A Pure Sine Wave inverter produces the same wave form as the electricity from a power station.

A Modified Sine Wave inverter as it says modifies the electricity to try and match the power station wave form.

The result of this is some household equipment like stereos, T.Vs and appliances with motors can produce a buzzing noise.

The other noticeable difference is the price.

A Modified Sine Wave Inverter is a lot cheaper because the components inside are only modifying the electricity where as Pure Sine Wave Inverters condition the electricity to produce the cleaner wave form.

If you want a small inverter to run some low power electrics in a shed we would recommend a modified sine wave inverter

If you are running appliances in your home we would recommend a pure sine wave inverter.

Wattage, if you are using an inverter to power an appliance using 300W then you should sue a 600w inverter.

Running an inverter at full power will use more electricity than running a larger one at half power.