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The 60 Watt solar panel is ideal for trickle charging a battery or for providing power to remote areas.

The 60W monocrystalline solar panel will provide power in bright sunshine and low light conditions

Connect the solar panel to a battery and position it to get free electricity to power lights or a radio or electric fencing.

60w solar panel

The solar panel comes with MC4 leads so connecting  is straight forward and easy.

60w solar panel
60w solar panel
with 2 metre
extension cables
60w solar kit
Solar panel +
10A controller+
panel mounts
60w solar
lighting kit
(As Kit + led light)

Technical specifications,

Panel Size 840 mm(h) x 550 mm(w) x 35 mm(d)

Weight 6 kg

Peak Power: 65w

Open Circuit Voltage: 21.9V

Short Circuit Current: 3.7A

Power efficiency: >17%

Max Power Voltage: 18V

Max System Current: 3.43A

Max System Voltage: 600VDC

Tolerance +3%