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12V 10W SMD LED Floodlight

This is a fantastic little floodlight.

The 12v 10 watt LED floodlight  gives instant brightness at the flick of a switch.

The 10W flood light gives the equivalent of a normal 100W  floodlight.

It can light an area of over 45 square meters.

It is ideal for lighting driveways, stable yards, courtyards and even caravans

Ideal for solar powered battery lighting kits

Bring light to the darkest corners with minimal fuss.


Power consumption:  10W   0.8A  @ 12V


Beam Angle: 120 degrees

Colour: Silver

Life expectancy: 40,000 - 50,000 hours

Colour temperature: Cold white (5000K - 6500K)

Brightness; 820Lumens

Unit size :  (H) 85mm (L) 113mm (D) 77mm  ( small but powerful)

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£29.98 ex vat
£35.98 inc vat

The 12v DC 10W LED floodlights are an ideal replacement for the older halogen floodlights.

The floodlights LED is a quality SMD LED chip which gives a great output of light

These quality SMD LED chips make these 10W 12v floodlights very reliable.

The floodlights are great for illuminating buildings, gardens, outbuildings,stable blocks,workplaces,caravans and any 12v DC battery powered vehicle.

The SMD LED floodlights run at a very low temperature.

The LED emits a clean light output

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